We started this project in 2018 with what we thought was a pretty simple vision: to produce minimalist, modular, boxy-fit garments that are truly desirable to the modern consumer, while also being sustainably-brought into the world. Although we quickly learned it wasn’t a simple vision to realise - especially with zero background in the fashion industry between us - it’s still what guides us as a business.

To this day, there aren’t any brands that we know of hitting that brief. Except us.

You either choose something that looks good OR you choose something sustainable. You can’t get both - especially not from a made in England brand.

Well, yeah. Actually you can. You’ve just gotta shop SPA.

Things have escalated a bit since we started and we’ve got a fully-fledged event, collab & fashion studios on our hands. Ultimately though, we’re just two best friends producing clothes that we ourselves want to wear, running events for our followers to enjoy and collaborating with artists producing work we enjoy consuming with our eyes & ears.

And because we care about the impact our garments have on the world we all have to live in, we use the most-luxurious, hardest-wearing fabrics on earth to bring you a collection that is:

  • Made in England in a factory that runs on renewable energy
  • 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • Vegan-dyed
  • Zero-waste - during production any unused fabric is recycled
  • Shipped to you in 100% recyclable packaging made from recycled material

Thanks for being on our website and even considering shopping SPA.

Much love,

Jonas & Simon

*it’s pronounced S-P-A, btw.



We are under no illusions. One independent brand, on its own, isn’t going to solve the environmental crisis that we as society currently face. However, we believe that by optimising for sustainability in everything we do, with constant marginal improvements across our entire production chain, we might be able to start to make a difference:

  • Production machinery runs only on green energy generated from wind, solar and hydroelectric sources
  • We use GOTS-certified organic cotton - grown without the use of pesticides
  • Zero-waste - at the production stage, if any fabric goes unused it is then recycled for other projects
  • All fabric dyes used are organic and vegan
  • We ship our orders to our customers using biodegradable packaging and, when we can, purchase carbon offsets for the delivery journey


We start with the fabric and the decision making process is easy - only the most durable, heavyweight fabrics that are available to use will do.

We then perfect the fit. Every one of our garments goes through a painstaking pattern making and assembly process, where we finesse every single dimension until we have something that we ourselves would want to wear.

Multiple samples are produced, endless rounds of user research and feedback are conducted and weeks of product testing are performed until everything is perfect. Before then, nothing goes out the door.

This is why we have such a small collection, but is also why our customers tell us we produce the best-quality, best-fitting clothes they have ever owned.


There are no shortcuts when it comes to conveying transparency. In order to reassure our customers that buying an SPA product is an investment in better garments, we want them to be able to see the skill, love and care that goes into bringing them to life. It’s important to us.


We only work with suppliers that abide by the ETI Base Code, which is founded on the International Labour Organisation and is an internationally recognised code of labor practice. This enables you to know where your garments are being manufactured and to be able to prove the garments being produced meet all local and national laws.

The ETI base code also sets out guidelines that all its members must abide by, to ensure each employee within the factory has a full choice over their employment and is treated fairly in terms of working environment and wages. To read the ETI Base Code, please click here.

Situated in the English Leicestershire countryside, our factory is a third-generation family business with whom we maintain a very close relationship and stay in contact with on a daily basis - sometimes to their annoyance we're sure!

Personal relationships, not just with our suppliers but with anyone we interact with, regulalrly in a business context, are integral to our sucess and are something that we do not take for granted. After all, our success in business in linked to their's. Hence, we emphasise the importance of treating them like the key stakeholders that they are.



The knife-crime epidemic in London is something that one cannot help but see and feel on a daily basis. This page isn’t here to make it seem as though we are single-handedly fixing anything. We just want to explain how we are doing our bit and how you, as an SPA supporter, can help out.

We donate 1% of our annual revenue to Steel Warriors. Steel Warriors is an anti knife crime charity that melt down knives taken off the streets and recycles the steel into outdoor street gyms. They then run classes in these gyms, using street workout to transform the lives of young people affected by crime, violence and social exclusion - giving them the skills and confidence to create positive futures.

If you want to learn more about them, click the buttons below to check out their website and / or Instagram.